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—-Maite Urrutia—-

The first scene in the honeymoon suite with Elizabeth Hurley the fembot is promising. The opening credits with sexy Mike Myers dancing to psychedelic music around the hotel are surprisingly great. Every single detail has been taken care of: every extra is doing the right thing, has the right face, the right costume, the right make up. You can see there was money for this movie, baby… yeah!

The movie is fearlessly sponsored by Starbucks at Dr. Evil’s headquarters. We are even told about the premium quality of their coffee and its affordable prices -which could have been true in Seattle 1999, but believe me, in Madrid 2012, 3,00 euros for a latte in a paper cup is not that affordable-. But we are not done with adds yet; earlier on, in 1969, the movie is sponsored by another drink company that also likes green colour for their logos. Crazy.

Anyways, Myers and his crew are so funny they get you into the movie -‘cause you get into the movie groove, not into the story- so nicely that you forgive them the bold advertising and you even forget about it. And this is the most terrifying thing.

Apart from the ads? Dialogues are humorous. The whole movie is funny. The cast is full of familiar faces: Michael York, Will Ferrel, Tim Robbins, Woody Harrelson, Elvis Costello…and many more. Oh, and… Mike Myers himself! Music is perfect. Costumes and sets are designed to match -check out the scene in which Powers and Shagwell are captured by Dr.Evil-.
A Funny silly movie to spend a long silly afternoon.

The motto: No one can steal your mojo!


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  1. unai said, on febrero 21, 2012 at 11:46 am

    Allright Maite!
    oh yeah!


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